Hardik Karmur

Full Stack Web Developer & Designer

I Am Hardik Karmur

am Full Stack Web Developer, IT Technician, Network Handler, System Administrator , Techno Hunter, Movies&Game Lover and small part of IT industy on Upwork, Freelancer, Truelancer etc.
I love to gethering knowledge by surfing internet, doing experimental things while learning , often faced failure and got success until then not going to leave the situation is the way of my nature, technologies somehow part of my life. An Software Engineer by trade, currently working with VueJs & Mean Stack Technologies for RK Web Technology.

Previously worked on Laravel, NodeJS, Vue and many front end techs for Advintel Medicare Pvt Ltd.

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  • Front End Development-90%

  • Back End Development-95%

  • Web Optimisation-90%

  • Database Management-90%

  • Technician/Administration-90%

  • Photoshop-65%


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My Service

Happily providing following services.

Computer/Mobile Hardware & Software Maintanance

I provide computer hardware and software related services for local area only, technical guides on call are always up.

Server Configuration & Optimisation

Service for configuring web hosting server on local system or on web server, cpanel configuration, ftp account handling, Domain and Hosting, webpage loading speed optimisation, server customisation mod installation etc..

Pixel Perfect Responsive Web Designing

Service for psd to html using bootstrap or without bootstrap, resonsiveness upto 320px with jquery/css animation handling and many more..

Codeigniter/Laravel Development

Codeigniter Development using simple architecture, HMVC structure, MVC structure, API integration, 3rd Party integration , customisation on already developed si script, ongoing project handling , custome module installation and many more...

AngularJs(1.xx)/VueJs Development

Single Page Application(SPA) using angularjs(1.xx) or Vuejs(2.xx), modular structure , normal structure...

API Development

Custom API developments using existing Database& Server or from prototyes or simplest documentation..

Prestashop(1.6.xx/1.7.xx) Development

API developments for android or ios application, Theme Configuration, Theme Customisation, Module Customisation, Module Installation/Creation or just ask me for more...

Work With Honesty

I love my work and m very passionate about it, so simply i love what i do and make people happy by serving things to them.

Have Some Questions ?

On the front-end, the full stack web developer uses a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build everything a user sees and interacts with on a website. On the back-end they develop the application, server, and database that make up the foundational structure of a website. Their skills are often centered around solution stacks like LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) or MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, Node.js) which contain all the technologies required to set up a complete website.

- Web fundamentals like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.-CSS preprocessors like Sass or LESS.-JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJs, or VueJs etc., or JS-based build tools like Grunt, Gulp, and Bower.-Libraries like jQuery or Backbone.js.-Front-end (CSS) frameworks like Foundation or Bootstrap.-AJAX.

-API design and development-CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete)-RESTful Services-Web fundamentals like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS-Server-side languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, and .Net-Database technologies like MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.-Web server technologies like Node.js, J2EE, Apache, Nginx, ISS, etc.-Frameworks choice like: Codeigniter, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, CakePHP, etc.

Go and write it down on contact form bellow and let me know what you want to know about me or anything else...

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